Daring Looks

Here are some more beauties!!! I prepared these looks for an accessories fashion show. The style is kind of rock/punk. The designs are by Punky a couple that is extremely talented, and creative. The looks are on the extreme side. Hope you like it!!

20130507-112429 a.m..jpg

20130507-112443 a.m..jpg

20130507-112451 a.m..jpg

20130507-112458 a.m..jpg

20130507-112506 a.m..jpg

20130507-112511 a.m..jpg

20130507-112523 a.m..jpg

20130507-112529 a.m..jpg

20130507-112538 a.m..jpg

20130507-112548 a.m..jpg


Editorials and promotions

More editorials and promotions!! Hope you like it!!

20130504-085206 a.m..jpg

20130504-085222 a.m..jpg

20130504-085235 a.m..jpg

20130504-085248 a.m..jpg

20130504-085310 a.m..jpg

Runway Looks

This was a collaboration between me, another makeup artist and the photographer Abdias Cintron. Hope you like it!!

20130503-090033 p.m..jpg

20130503-090041 p.m..jpg

20130503-090048 p.m..jpg

20130503-090055 p.m..jpg

20130503-090102 p.m..jpg

20130503-090110 p.m..jpg

Editorial Pictures

I think there are inspiration everywhere as long you are open and receptive to it. About a week ago I was lucky enough to be part of a team of inspired artists. Two photographers, a fashion designer, and me got together to develop this concept. Thanks for letting me be part of such a great opportunity!!!

20130418-082555 p.m..jpg

20130418-082603 p.m..jpg

20130418-082612 p.m..jpg

Simply and Delicate Blue

Here is a look that was inspired by the Maybelline 24hrs eyeshadows. The hair was a spring inspiration. Hope you like it!!

20130415-110346 p.m..jpg

20130415-110354 p.m..jpg

20130415-110402 p.m..jpg

Intense, Angelical

Here are three of my favorites looks. Hope you like it!!

20130414-125804 a.m..jpg

20130414-125823 a.m..jpg

20130414-125834 a.m..jpg

Bold, Classy and Mesmerizing

Here are other makeup styles daring, mesmerizing, classy. Very excited with these amazing models! Thanks to Insomnia Models Agency and Photographer Abdias Cintron for letting me create these looks!!!

20130412-080729 p.m..jpg

20130412-080759 p.m..jpg

20130412-080807 p.m..jpg

20130412-080813 p.m..jpg

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