Daring Looks

Here are some more beauties!!! I prepared these looks for an accessories fashion show. The style is kind of rock/punk. The designs are by Punky a couple that is extremely talented, and creative. The looks are on the extreme side. Hope you like it!!

20130507-112429 a.m..jpg

20130507-112443 a.m..jpg

20130507-112451 a.m..jpg

20130507-112458 a.m..jpg

20130507-112506 a.m..jpg

20130507-112511 a.m..jpg

20130507-112523 a.m..jpg

20130507-112529 a.m..jpg

20130507-112538 a.m..jpg

20130507-112548 a.m..jpg


Editorials and promotions

More editorials and promotions!! Hope you like it!!

20130504-085206 a.m..jpg

20130504-085222 a.m..jpg

20130504-085235 a.m..jpg

20130504-085248 a.m..jpg

20130504-085310 a.m..jpg

Runway Looks

This was a collaboration between me, another makeup artist and the photographer Abdias Cintron. Hope you like it!!

20130503-090033 p.m..jpg

20130503-090041 p.m..jpg

20130503-090048 p.m..jpg

20130503-090055 p.m..jpg

20130503-090102 p.m..jpg

20130503-090110 p.m..jpg

Simply and Delicate Blue

Here is a look that was inspired by the Maybelline 24hrs eyeshadows. The hair was a spring inspiration. Hope you like it!!

20130415-110346 p.m..jpg

20130415-110354 p.m..jpg

20130415-110402 p.m..jpg

Bold, Classy and Mesmerizing

Here are other makeup styles daring, mesmerizing, classy. Very excited with these amazing models! Thanks to Insomnia Models Agency and Photographer Abdias Cintron for letting me create these looks!!!

20130412-080729 p.m..jpg

20130412-080759 p.m..jpg

20130412-080807 p.m..jpg

20130412-080813 p.m..jpg

Revive tired eyes!/ Revive ojos cansados

Last night was a long night!! At 10pm I remembered that I had a flight at 4pm the next day (today), I needed to be there 2 hrs before departure and I live 2 hrs away from the airport, Omg!!! I felt like in the movie home alone!! I had so much to do to be ready for our trip, I said our because I am taking my son with me. So in the middle of the chaos I completed everything, including packing. The only problem, I finished around 4am!! Needless to say I woke up with bags under my eyes and my eyes looked very tired! So I had to change my tired look for a fresh young look. I did not want everybody at the airport to believe I was the sister of the undead!! Lol. So I recreated this look to lift my eyes and give a fresh look to my face. Hope you like it!

Ayer a las 10pm me acuerdo de que teníamos un viaje que salía hoy a las 4pm!!! Digo teníamos porque mi hijo viene conmigo. O sea que son las 10pm y tenia que hacer un trillón de cosas entre lavar y empacar termine a las 4am!!! Como podrán imaginar me levante con ojeras enormes y ojos cansados. Tenia que buscar la manera de cambiar mi look de zombie a un look fresco. Así que recree este look para levantar los ojos y darle iluminación al rostro. Espero les guste!!

20130322-113034 a.m..jpg

20130322-113116 a.m..jpg

Sexy Purple Movie Look

A sexy look for a movie date. I did this look today for a date with the love of my life and the most beautiful woman I know, MY HANDSOME SON and MY SISTER!!!

Les muestro un estilo fácil de recrear, perfecto para salir al cine o para salir en familia. Hoy use este look para salir con la mujer mas hermosa que conozco y con el amor de mi vida, mi guapísimo hijo y mi hermana preciosa!!!

20130308-090532 p.m..jpg

20130308-090539 p.m..jpg

20130308-092058 p.m..jpg

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