Runway Looks

This was a collaboration between me, another makeup artist and the photographer Abdias Cintron. Hope you like it!!

20130503-090033 p.m..jpg

20130503-090041 p.m..jpg

20130503-090048 p.m..jpg

20130503-090055 p.m..jpg

20130503-090102 p.m..jpg

20130503-090110 p.m..jpg


Clean Editorial Looks

Here are some clean beauty looks made by me during a makeup photo session. The models are Marie, Amanda, Yreisa from the agency Insomnia models and the photographer is Abdias Cintron.

20130411-042823 p.m..jpg

20130411-042831 p.m..jpg

20130411-043406 p.m..jpg

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Photographer: Abdias Cintron (
Agency: Insomnia Models (
Makeup Artist: Nancy Negron jijiji me (