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I think there are inspiration everywhere as long you are open and receptive to it. About a week ago I was lucky enough to be part of a team of inspired artists. Two photographers, a fashion designer, and me got together to develop this concept. Thanks for letting me be part of such a great opportunity!!!

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Simply and Delicate Blue

Here is a look that was inspired by the Maybelline 24hrs eyeshadows. The hair was a spring inspiration. Hope you like it!!

20130415-110346 p.m..jpg

20130415-110354 p.m..jpg

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Intense, Angelical

Here are three of my favorites looks. Hope you like it!!

20130414-125804 a.m..jpg

20130414-125823 a.m..jpg

20130414-125834 a.m..jpg

Strong Lips/Sultry Eyes

Today I felt like going for purple colors so I was trying and mixing lip colors and I came up with this. Then of course with such a beautiful lip color I had to create a complete look. Hope you like it!!!

20130408-010825 p.m..jpg

20130408-010834 p.m..jpg

20130408-010842 p.m..jpg

20130408-011546 p.m..jpg

Coral and Purple

Here is something I put together for a celebration of glamour. By the way the hair is not fake I did it with my own hair. I call it the magic of teasing, lol. Hope you like it!!

20130407-022001 p.m..jpg

20130407-022016 p.m..jpg

20130407-022024 p.m..jpg

Delicate Cute Makeup

This day look is perfect when you want to add a little extra but not too much. I call this a going shopping look. Enjoy!! Hope you like it!!

20130406-030934 p.m..jpg

20130406-030948 p.m..jpg

Bright Lipstick

Spring is all about bright and pastel colors. Following yesterday post of bold and daring, I decided to use bright colors on lips. I am not a girl that uses too many bright colors but I really like these. If you are wondering what I used here are the products.

Beauticontrol lip balm (is extremely important to use a lip balm or lip conditioner if you have dry lips and you want to use lip stain because it tends to enhance the dryness appearance on the lips)

Pixi lip/cheek stain (chestnut)

Sleek lip gloss (do not have the exact name for the color but is kind of a cool purple lipgloss with SPF 15)

Stila 24k lipgloss (merlot)

Hope you like it!!

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