Daring Looks

Here are some more beauties!!! I prepared these looks for an accessories fashion show. The style is kind of rock/punk. The designs are by Punky a couple that is extremely talented, and creative. The looks are on the extreme side. Hope you like it!!

20130507-112429 a.m..jpg

20130507-112443 a.m..jpg

20130507-112451 a.m..jpg

20130507-112458 a.m..jpg

20130507-112506 a.m..jpg

20130507-112511 a.m..jpg

20130507-112523 a.m..jpg

20130507-112529 a.m..jpg

20130507-112538 a.m..jpg

20130507-112548 a.m..jpg


Bold, daring

This is a more bold night look. It is inspired in city architecture. Hope you like it!!

20130404-042421 p.m..jpg

20130404-042428 p.m..jpg

20130404-042436 p.m..jpg