Daring Looks

Here are some more beauties!!! I prepared these looks for an accessories fashion show. The style is kind of rock/punk. The designs are by Punky a couple that is extremely talented, and creative. The looks are on the extreme side. Hope you like it!!

20130507-112429 a.m..jpg

20130507-112443 a.m..jpg

20130507-112451 a.m..jpg

20130507-112458 a.m..jpg

20130507-112506 a.m..jpg

20130507-112511 a.m..jpg

20130507-112523 a.m..jpg

20130507-112529 a.m..jpg

20130507-112538 a.m..jpg

20130507-112548 a.m..jpg


Editorials and promotions

More editorials and promotions!! Hope you like it!!

20130504-085206 a.m..jpg

20130504-085222 a.m..jpg

20130504-085235 a.m..jpg

20130504-085248 a.m..jpg

20130504-085310 a.m..jpg

Runway Looks

This was a collaboration between me, another makeup artist and the photographer Abdias Cintron. Hope you like it!!

20130503-090033 p.m..jpg

20130503-090041 p.m..jpg

20130503-090048 p.m..jpg

20130503-090055 p.m..jpg

20130503-090102 p.m..jpg

20130503-090110 p.m..jpg

Simply and Delicate Blue

Here is a look that was inspired by the Maybelline 24hrs eyeshadows. The hair was a spring inspiration. Hope you like it!!

20130415-110346 p.m..jpg

20130415-110354 p.m..jpg

20130415-110402 p.m..jpg

What makes life beautyful?

It depends, on the individual perception. Something or some event can be beautiful for you but not for me. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” as in beauty is in you, therefore there is not one meaning or characteristic for beauty. There are as many definitions of beauty as there is people in the world. Maybe we have to change our search, instead of looking for beauty we should feel the beauty. I have ask some of my clients what is beauty for them and they all describe something different but they all feel the same. A warmth in their hearts, the desire to smile, hope, peace and the overwhelming desire of either keep looking at it or remain in that same moment in time. The thing is that beauty is everywhere and because it depends on our points of view we can certainly look for beauty everywhere and in everything. What makes YOUR life beautiful?

Have a beautiful and bless day!!

20130315-121048 p.m..jpg

20130315-121054 p.m..jpg

20130315-121101 p.m..jpg

20130315-121109 p.m..jpg

20130315-121117 p.m..jpg

20130315-121125 p.m..jpg

Blog: PSA Dolphin Friends 30 sec | Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project

Blog: PSA Dolphin Friends 30 sec | Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project.

Because not everything is about makeup but everything is about beauty, and my friend not just is beautyful but also gives beauty!!

Disney Oz the Powerful Makeup…

Después de ver el trailer, vestuario, etc. de la nueva película de Disney Oz, me intrigo el contraste de colores de las escenas. Con maquillaje para estrenary porque se que vendran muchos looks de las actrices. Decidí hacer un maquillaje inspirado en la escenografía.

After watching the many trailers of the Disney movie Oz I was intrigue by the dream like color contrast of the scenography. Because I have new makeup to use, and because I know you will see many looks inspired in the beautiful actresses I decided to make a look inspired in that amazing color contrast of the movie. (However, I will be recreating a look inspired in Rachel Weisz character Evanora I simply love her makeup!)

20130305-035510 p.m..jpg

20130305-035518 p.m..jpg

20130305-035529 p.m..jpg

20130305-035540 p.m..jpg

20130305-035553 p.m..jpg

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