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Songs and music inspire us to become better people, more daring, invincible. Coming from the caribbean I have been surrounded by tropical music. However, songs that talk about getting up after a set back inspire me a great deal. Here is to those songs that lifted our spirits and gave us strength when when we were down. One of my favorites!! Hope you like it!!

You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me
Cher Lyrics

Feeling broken
Barely holding on
But just there’s something so strong
Somewhere inside me.
And I am down, but I’ll get up again.
Don’t count me out just yet

I’ve been brought down to my knees
And I’ve been pushed way past the point of breaking,
But I can take it.
I’ll be back –
Back on my feet
This is far from over
You haven’t seen the last of me.
You haven’t seen the last of me.

They can
Say that
I won’t stay around
But I’m gonna stand my ground
You’re not gonna stop me.
You don’t know me, you don’t know who I am.
Don’t count me out so fast

I’ve been brought down to my knees
And I’ve been pushed way past the point of breaking,
But I can take it.
I’ll be back –
Back on my feet
This is far from over
You haven’t seen the last of me.

There will be no fade-out
This is not the end
I’m down now
But I’ll be standing tall again.
Times are hard but
I was built tough.
I’m gonna show you all what I’m made of.

I’ve been brought down to my knees
I’ve been pushed way past the point of breaking,
But I can take it.
I’ll be back –
Back on my feet
This is far from over


You haven’t seen the last of me.

No, no, I’m not going nowhere
I’m staying right here
Oh, no you won’t see me fade out
I’m not taking my bow
Can’t stop me.
Its not the end
You haven’t sseen the last of me
Oh, no –
You haven’t seen the last of me.
You haven’t seen the last of me.

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Best Friends

Why do you think friends are sometimes closer than family? Maybe it is because our friends are divided by age. We don’t see them as a big brother or little sister, they are just our friends. I met my best friend about 23 years ago and we are still close. There are times were a life circumstances separate friends and when they get together again is not the same closeness. This is completely understandable because people change and grow. Thanks God this is not the case of my best friend. We lived in separate countries for years but we always look for each other. She was and is my touch with reality when things get blurry, I can be silly and make mistakes. There is no judgement between us; however, we have something that I call pure honesty. I can ask her anything and she will tell me her honest opinion without any tenderness. I really appreciate this because to me is easy to understand each other. Some people will say that is too cruel, but I called amazing. Think about it, how many people that love you will tell you their opinion without fear of hurting your feelings? Almost none. I appreciate the fact that I don’t have to be too tactful or think about what I say more than once. With my best friend I can be me, without fear that she might kill me in the process or won’t speak to me again. We appreciate each other opinions and respect each other opinions. To resume this sharing if feelings with you all, I can say that I am the luckiest person alive because on top of having the best family in the world, that have been with me since the beginning of my days, the best boyfriend of the world, and an amazing son. I have the most strongest (literally, 3rd strongest woman in the world) and amazing best friend in the world. So Giselle Costas if you read this I want to tell you that on top of been an amazing woman, you are an exceptional friend. TQM!!!!

20130404-091803 p.m..jpg

20130404-091812 p.m..jpg

20130404-091821 p.m..jpg

My trip to DC

Here are some places and thing that inspired me during my trip to Washington DC!

20130331-091406 a.m..jpg

The Smithsonian Castle, the Hope Diamond (natural history museum), a tiny bird that watched me eat lunch and a beautiful tree cover with snow where kids pretended to be princesses and kings.

20130331-091737 a.m..jpg

President James Madison house and the Capitol building

20130331-091840 a.m..jpg

20130331-091850 a.m..jpg

The entrance and exit to James Madison garden

Love the snow!! Especially when it replace the flowers and leaves on the tree. It looks like its waiting for something.

My trip had everything! Great people, amazing views, knowledge but above all it relax me and inspired me to creat some great makeup looks!! Stay tune so you can recreate them at home!!!

20130331-092414 a.m..jpg

What inspire you? What moves you?

Look at this picture and tell me that spring is not here!!! Such a beautiful rose!!!!! It inspired a make up look!!! Will post soon!!! What inspire you?

20130319-113938 p.m..jpg

20130319-113950 p.m..jpg

Lavander Trees

This are three beautiful lavender trees that some friends of mine have at their house. These talented twins have a green finger and in addition to these trees they are developing apples, grapes, and kiwi!!! As you all know the weather is hot/tropical and this guys are cultivating fruits that belong in colder temperatures. I’m very proud of them! What do you think??

20130318-095443 p.m..jpg

What makes life beautyful?

It depends, on the individual perception. Something or some event can be beautiful for you but not for me. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” as in beauty is in you, therefore there is not one meaning or characteristic for beauty. There are as many definitions of beauty as there is people in the world. Maybe we have to change our search, instead of looking for beauty we should feel the beauty. I have ask some of my clients what is beauty for them and they all describe something different but they all feel the same. A warmth in their hearts, the desire to smile, hope, peace and the overwhelming desire of either keep looking at it or remain in that same moment in time. The thing is that beauty is everywhere and because it depends on our points of view we can certainly look for beauty everywhere and in everything. What makes YOUR life beautiful?

Have a beautiful and bless day!!

20130315-121048 p.m..jpg

20130315-121054 p.m..jpg

20130315-121101 p.m..jpg

20130315-121109 p.m..jpg

20130315-121117 p.m..jpg

20130315-121125 p.m..jpg

Florence, Sienna, Pisa, Rome

Two years ago my family, best friend, and I spent a dreamy month in Italy. This was the realization of a big dream I had since I was a little girl. I was a little hesitated at the beginning because first it was an unknown place, a different language and we went with the love of my life my son (at the time just 4). But everything went away once we stepped out of the plane. The warmth of the people, their patience with us, the views of the city and the country side, the food, the wine, a dream came true and literally I cross it from my bucket list. I want to share this amazing pictures, so just in case any of you have a dream like mine. This will convince you for sure!!! Italy not just have great food and wine but also the most enchanted places, and who knows what this place has in store for you!! If you are thinking about it, take my word for it just go and enjoy!!!!!

20130312-050130 p.m..jpg

20130312-050139 p.m..jpg

20130312-050147 p.m..jpg

20130312-050209 p.m..jpg

20130312-050215 p.m..jpg

20130312-050223 p.m..jpg

20130312-050300 p.m..jpg

20130312-050320 p.m..jpg

20130312-050433 p.m..jpg

20130312-050441 p.m..jpg

20130312-050448 p.m..jpg

20130312-050457 p.m..jpg

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