Social Identities?

There are many socials groups, they all have intrinsic believes and traditions. We identify with such groups depending on who we think we are. As we all know our identification with different social groups will depend on our taste and attitude toward the particular group. This got me thinking about people that says that they belong everywhere. Is this really true? Is it possible to not have specific taste and believe, so we can adapt to any social group, and continuously change without a personality form? And if this is true, then how do we know who we are? I understand that a social group will not define personality on the contrary our personalities define the social groups and I also inderstand that people have proven to be the most adaptable been in this planet. However, is it possible to authentically change who we are or simply not have taste, opinion, or believes so be can belong everywhere? Can you stop been you for the rest of your life?

20130312-112504 a.m..jpg


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